Our Fund Raiser

My Dear Sisters,
We haven’t done a campaign to raise funds in a very long while.  We have a few generous contributors and that is so greatly appreciated. About 3 years ago, and don’t hold that as exact, we rented our Temple space.  We were not able to purchase a place of our own due to not having reliable income to pay a mortgage.  So we rent.  Those of us who are very active, believe it is quite a bonus to have our own space where we can meet, rather than scrambling every time we plan an event or a ritual trying to figure out where to have it.  Also, to have things there, the kind of things we use over and over.  It certainly helps with the schlepping!

Here is the rub…. Rent doesn’t come cheap in Austin and we are depleting our treasury rapidly as our outgo exceeds our income by about 200%.

Austin RCG needs your help with donations.  We have a donation plate on the Giving Altar, but sadly it is little used.  We just forget when it is time to go home.  We understand.

So here is what we have done.  We have created a fund raiser. It is online.  You can choose to make a one time donation or you can set up a recurring donation so you never have to worry about it again.  You can also elect to make a donation to our care fund, which was designed so that if we have a member who really needed a bit of financial help for something critical, we would have the funds to help her.  So it would be nice to build that fund up as well.

We have made it really easy – you just set it up and forget about it. All you need is your bank card.   It would help so much! This is your link.
Your can donate here!

We will also be placing a donate link on the Facebook page as well as on the website.

In service to Her,
Your Austin RCG Council